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  • Optimal solutions in Animal Nutrition
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  • Care our animals
  • Innovation is at the heart of what we stand for


  • Innovative nutritional solutions for broiler, laying hens and turkeys
  • Premixes, concentrates, additives and specialty foods to optimize the productive performance of flocks


  • Specialists in dairy cattle nutrition, calf rearing, breeding heifers, beef cattle, sheep and goats
  • Wide range of premixes, vitamin and mineral supplements, calf milk replacers and additives


  • Precise formulation at each stage of production
  • Premixes, Pre-Starters and feed additives focused on getting the best production at minimum cost to maximize the profitability of your business

Companion animals

  • Formulations for healthy, complete and balanced diet for pets
  • Premixes, micro-concentrates, additives and highly specialized ingredients for optimal nutrition for pets

  • Because we are fully dedicated to provide nutritional solutions according to market needs

  • Also we have the support, knowledge and experience of our affiliated companies worldwide

  • Because we have a specialized team of experts in managment and nutrition in different species with experience and abilities to provide support

  • Because we have 8 Research and Development Centers that generate a valuable lynch between the world of science and the practical agriculture and aquaculture fields involved in food production



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